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There is no life on earth that can survive without water, when we poison waterways we poison ourselves. 

Glyphosate based products which are applied to many of our streets and pavements are subsequently washed by the rain into groundwater, streams, rivers, and coastal waters.


When using chemical weed killers you are relying on having  at least 24 hrs rain or wind free weather for application which is practically impossible in the UK. Rain can lead to the wrong plants being targeted, as well as product run-off into other areas affecting aquatic life and all organisms.

Pesticides don't only affect land animals, they can affect marine life too .

Aquatic biota and fish can be harmed by pesticide-contaminated in water, repeated exposure of pesticides can cause physiological and behavioural changes in fish that reduce populations, such as abandonment of nests, decreased immunity to disease, and increased failure to avoid predators. 


When a toxic chemical like pesticides harms one organism, it can end up destroying an entire food chain of aquatic life. Improperly disposed chemicals pollute marine life, kill sea organisms, corals and fish 

Water contamination & pesticides PESTICIDE FREE BALERNO
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