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Pesticide Free Balerno are a voluntary initiative based in the beautiful Balerno, on the outskirts of Edinburgh, Scotland.


Pesticide Free Balerno raises awareness and makes positive change about the chemical presently used by most councils in the uk to treat weeds on the streets, pavements, green spaces and hard surfaces where we live, work, and play.

Asking the Council to take a the precautionary approach and support safe, environmentally friendly alternatives for weed management in the Balerno .



The main ingredient of most weed killers is Glyphosate, which is used by most uk councils . Glyphosate has attracted much media attention over recent years following several high profile legal cases carcinogenic properties have been highlighted. 


Many Balerno residents were particularly concerned about the negative affect of pesticides on our Health and the Environment 

Especially after The World Health Organisation has named Glyphosate, as a ‘probable carcinogen’ in 2015 being linked to many other serious human and animal health issues.




When Health and Environmental concerns were first raised in 2017, individuals in Balerno started raising awareness by petitioning  their street to become Pesticide-Free. As word spread, more people shared their stories and concerns and Pesticide Free Balerno was formed.  


In 2020 Balerno officially became Pesticide Free for weed control after an agreement was reached between The City of Edinburgh Council and Pesticide Free Balerno .

Balerno’s weeds would be manually removed by Pesticide Free Balerno’s Volunteer Weeding Group instead. 

Check our timeline to read more …



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