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‘Climate Emergency’ is it really about the environment? #greenwashing

June 2021

There are so many authentic environmental projects that have been rising up over the recent years Including Pesticide Free Balerno. It is important to remember that although Planting ‘wild’flowers , tree planting  , tidying , creating green spaces… is great on the surface and has good intentions this does not compensate or justify the continued use of harmful pesticides for weed control.

If we truly care about the Environment declaring a ‘climate emergency’ this should also mean an immediate end to the destructive pesticide actions we presently take .

Especially now in 2023 we all know that safe alternatives for weed control are readily available and weed removal without glyphosate is entirely possible. We must stay focused and cannot be distracted by so called 'green' ‘sustainable’ projects , no matter how tempting the funding ££££

If we continue to use glyphosate unnecessarIly  for weed control Is this ‘green’ ‘sustainable’ project really for the environment ? continued use of the worlds most harmful commercially available chemical glyphosate is still being applied ...We think not

Amazing things happen when people work with their communities to work on a genuine cause to help protect our planet , wildlife and especially our most vulnerable

Keep focussed Step1 make our communities Pesticide Free !


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