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Money Money Money

June 2022

Cost of Pesticide Free weed control is always something Councils use to ‘justify’ the continued use of Glyphosate for weed control on our streets and pavements . Cost should never be an ‘excuse’ when it comes to human health and the environment , however understandably cost and viability will always be a important factor for citizens and councils to weigh up.

It is interesting to note that many U.K. councils when doing cost comparisons of Glyphosate with PesticideFree safe alternative they then chose Pesticide Free weed control as a viable option

Price Comparison Glastonbury Council / PAN U.K.


"Glyphosate is seen as a cheap & quick option but our commitment is looking at the greener agenda & the wider public health matters"

Hammersmith & Fulham Councillor Sue Fennimore”

Thanks to PAN U.K. & Councils like Glastonbury ,the costs of Pesticide Free safe alternatives cannot be used as a valid excuse for the continued use of Glyphosate on our streets!


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