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Why leaving the weeds does not work

May 2022

With the choice for councils between using pesticides or safe alternatives on our streets and pavements for weed control we have to keep a clear message ‘Leaving the weeds’ creates confusion , divides , and limits community support

It is quite clear that U.K. councils who ‘left the weeds’ then returned to glyphosate the following season, after complaints of cracked pavements…

Streets and pavements V private spaces

We appreciate the aims of encouraging biodiversity however the ‘leave the weeds’ message for streets and pavements by U.K. councils ultimately means a return to pesticides…

We encourage residents who want to ‘leave the weeds’ to do so but in their own private space

Leaving the weeds in shared council areas like streets and pavements


Return of pesticides


this does not help biodiversity!

Council duties

With Balerno having the highest number of weed complaints in Edinburgh and council bound to their duties and budgets this sadly meant glyphosate for weed control …

In Balerno our first stage was to acknowledge and respect the majority . In Balerno the majority of the community had concerns about getting weeds removed on the pavements.

On the other hand some wanted the weeds left for biodiversity

Ultimately we can all find ways to support biodiversity BUT ENDING the use of glyphosate for weed control on our streets and pavements is the first crucial step !


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