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Just because something is legal does not mean it is safe

July 2022

At the beginning of Pesticide Free Balerno concerned residents were ‘reassured’ by council/councillors that Glyphosate was legal for weedcontrol…

Factually this is true , however it is no consolation to our environment or health getting slowly poisoned.

Just because something is ‘legal’ does not necessarily mean it is safe!




These were all once aggressively marketed as safe , however years later we find out how harmful they were.

‘Sometimes the products that purport to improve our lives can have major adverse effects’
Stephanie Seneff PhD - Toxic Legacy Author .

When safe alternatives for weedcontrol are readily available we must request that our councils make this positive change

Thankfully in Balerno this toxic chemical no longer poisons our trees , soil , waterways , biodiversity , pets and ourselves


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