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September 2022

Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring warns us of the damaging , irreversible effects that continued use of harmful chemicals can have on the environment.

Rachel highlighted the toxic irreversible effects of ‘DDT’ in particular to birds and insects

•DDT was marked as ‘safe’ and ‘effective’ but then discovered to be toxic and harmful and devastating to wildlife

•Raising awareness and banning of DDT was Rachel Carson legacy

•Glyphosate is considered to be the DDT of our time

”People have the right to know what they are being exposed to and what risks are posed

-Rachel Carson Silent Spring

We have all heard of tree planting , plastic and litter picking BUT do we all know glyphosate is still being used … for weed control … in the UK…

People are still shocked to find trees are routinely treated around their bases with glyphosate by most U.K. councils

When Pesticide Free Balerno started collecting signatures asking for safe alternatives, we found that many people were shocked to hear that glyphosate was being used for weeds at all

•Birds and insects depend on healthy trees for food and habitat and we humans depend on healthy trees for clean air

•Our planet depends on non poisoned insects to give us healthy soil

In 2020 when Balerno became Pesticide Free residents reported an 80% increase in biodiversity!

By hoping others will fix this we allow for continued use of glyphosate that no amount of tree planting or litter picking will save us from

At the end of the day we cannot expect MPs , councillors and authorities to make immediate change for us. We as individuals have responsibility to support our MPs, councillors and local authorities to make immediate change now in 2023 there is no time to delay


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