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Shouldn’t the question be WHICH Safe Alternative?

February 2023

Shouldn’t the question be WHICH Safe Alternative ? comparing one Safe Alternative to another Safe Alternative…

Health & the Environment should always be an unarguable priority but understandably comparisons between Safe Alternatives and Pesticides are often made by councils

This list clearly points out benefits of both Glyphosate Pesticides V Safe Alternatives for weed control on streets and pavements



1 Currently still legal

​1 Non harmful to humans

​2 Quad bikes apply quickly

​2 Slower weed regrowth

​3 Workers familiar with equipment

​3 More cost effective

​4 Workers have already had chemical hazard training

​4 Safe for pets

​5 Equipment already in place

​5 Safe for biodiversity and wildlife

6 Can use control droplet application

​6 Can be shared with other councils and organisations

​7 Helps towards ’Sustainable‘ / ‘Net0‘goals

​8 Protects soil

​9 Safe to use around waterways

​10 Safe Air

​11 Safe for Council operatives

​12 No chemical hazard training required

​13 No safety equipment required

​14 Can be used in all weathers

​15 Approved by The Soil Assocation and other Organic Systems

16 Can remove graffiti

​17 Can remove chewing gum

​18 Cleans signs / bus shelters

​19 Can be used on historic buildings

​20 Already successfully tested

Tricky one isn’t it !


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