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Vet links Weedkiller as cause - We must listen & learn from animals around us

September 2022

Dog owner from Kent warns weed killer containing glyphosate used by councils is harmful to pets after applications were linked to dog sores


Dog owner Tom Lee

“ I found Tansy my dog having torn all her fur off the inner thigh of one rear leg, the skin was clearly sore and oozing clear fluid from her self-mutilation. My vet agreed a toxin was the likely cause & agreed the previous day’s weedkiller containing glyphosate spraying could be the cause.”

"Tansy My dog recovered until some months later , I woke to find the exact same self-mutilation again…When I went to our usual park, someone told me the council had actually been spraying weedkiller containing glyphosate around the park the previous day..."

“The entire pavement was being sprayed regardless of any weeds present or not , I purposely clear weeds from the pavement around my house, my neighbour’s to ensure the council has no reason to spray near my property."

“My concern is for the health of dogs & other animals who suffer from glyphosate spraying , also considerable harm caused to us & the environment from the use of glyphosate."

Kent County Council comment

“Contractors follow the required industry guidance.”

Animals can be heavily affected by the use of weedkiller due to their low proximity to the ground, investigative nature & unprotected paws.

•Independent Scientists are linking weedkiller to canine cancer .

Whole Dog Journal

•Glyphosate can cause hyper salivation, vomiting & diarrhoea

Pesticide Action Network UK

•Epilepsy has been reported and sometimes acute poisoning


We must listen & learn from animals around us , stories like these remind us of why it is important to speak up for our furry friends .

Just because something is ‘legal’ does not mean it is safe!

We as individuals must take responsibility to offer solutions for our communities & councils.

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