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June 2023

Recent FOI reveals that over 100,000 trees in Edinburgh have been plotted and mapped to have weedkiller applied around their bases by Edin Council

People are still shocked to learn that the trees we are trying to protect and safeguard are routinely treated around their bases with glyphosate , simply for weed control…

Kills more than just weeds

At a time in the world when there is so much effort and funding towards trees , why are we continuing to apply poison to the ones we have - when there are safe ways #greenwashing

Glyphosate is a very destructive and effective weed killer - unfortunately it kills a lot more than just weeds

Healthy trees

•Birds and insects depend on healthy trees for food and habitat

•We humans depend on healthy trees for clean air

•Our planet depends on non poisoned insects to give us healthy soil

•Pets are known to have close contact with tree bases .direct contact with glyphosate = danger

•We shade under trees, play under trees and picnic under trees

What can we do

Thankfully it doesn’t have to be this way. Safe methods like Foamstream , Hot water , manual weeding can remove weeds around tree bases without causing harm .

We asked our council to use safe alternatives and our trees no longer have this poison applied around them.

Expecting someone else to fix this root problem, risks allowing the continued use of glyphosate -that no amount of tree planting or litter picking will save us from !

Full FOI (Scroll to very bottom)[0]=AT2PyuMMS-bzR8gRu8nqWHslgjmKUL-Jc_S6Xslh7cZBwbfMlxml6CB3ccMN89g-xXgpHnkhky0P3qIEBZ4KeqLPyLJixmX_luW8d5abmC3ndQp2JZyLNk-1XjHjefYeTitt42jnxaWVQTSAiQyDZdEbtncIuAIvUnODP2lKr4kHxZhAcmI


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