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When we poison waterways we poison ourselves - World Water Day

April 2023

An opportunity to highlight pesticide contamination of our waters & the urgent need for awareness & action ! There is no life on earth that can survive without water, when we poison waterways we poison ourselves.


Glyphosate does not only harm 1 organism, it can destroy an entire chain of life.

Most people are aware that there has been an alarming decline in amphibians,particularly frogs,worldwide over the past few decades . Glyphosate based products which are routinely applied by many U.K. councils for weed control can be washed into groundwater, streams, rivers, & coastal waters...

Fish & Aquatic biotic can be harmed by pesticide contaminated water.

Repeated exposure can cause changes in fish populations, decrease immunity & their ability to avoid predators ,thrive & survive.

•96% -100% of tadpoles were killed by roundup weedkiller within 3 weeks..

•79% of Juvenile frogs and toads on land died within 1 day..

-Rick A Relyea 2005 /Stephanie Seneff 'Apocalypse

Dr Carsten Brühl Pesticide Action Network Europe

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Product run off

Water is a very clear example that pesticides do run off , drift , end up travelling… Rain can lead pesticides to more than what was originally targeted Glyphosate can not only harm 1 organism, it can destroy an entire chain of life.

And then taxpayers end up paying increased costs for water filtration of pesticides

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What can we do

In Balerno we continue to protect our waterways , by being a Pesticide Free Community

The best & easiest way is to stop the unnecessary use of glyphosate for weed control from entering our waterways in the first place

Request your council stop using harmful chemicals for weeds at least outside your own property/ street and request safe alternatives/ offer support to manually remove


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